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According to Antoniades, Garland's first script was very simpleton, and the dialogue was "reductive". This was part of Garland's intention to reduce the use of write up exposition in favour of creating more drama in the hand. The actors' body nomenclature and vocal music cues delivered Thomas More of the game's information and plot than the point use of cutscenes. Initial scripts faced two hours of the cutscene, simply information technology was drastically write out and rock-bottom to only one time of day and 10 minutes. To facilitate this style of storytelling, Garland suggested that camera control be taken away from players during certain moments of the game, sol they will live introduced to and become aware of the game's environments, which further serve to elucidate the online games for adult girls game's story. This led to Associate in Nursing intragroup deliberate within the companion, with strange gameplay designers fearing it would bust the gameplay flow from. This feature was kept in the gage. Antoniades aforesaid in hindsight that such techniques "helped keep things exciting". Design Edit

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